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Baker Tilly China Entered into Shanghai Free Trade Zone
2014/12/19 13:53:35LMS【Print】

Recently, Baker Tilly China Shanghai Free Trade Zone Branch has opened, and Baker Tilly China becomes one of the first accounting firms entering into China (Shangha) Pilot Free Trade Zone (SHFTZ).

As one of the 21 branches of Baker Tilly China, SHFTZ Branch is under the firm’s integrated management system. Firm Head Quarters oversees the branch’s Human Resources, Finance, Business Development, Practical Standards, Quality Supervision, Risk Control, Methodology and Information System, etc.

As a leading large-scale comprehensive accounting firm in China, Baker Tilly China has been devoted to providing all types of clients with diversified professional services, which include Audit and Assurance, Management Consulting, Tax Services, M&A, Information Technology Consulting, and Engineering Consulting, etc.

After entering the SHFTZ, where the market is more open and regulations are less tight, Baker Tilly China will focus more on developing new types of financial services and international businesses, and providing quality services to the governmental departments as well as domestic and international companies in a more efficient manner. In SHFTZ, Baker Tilly China will be assisting different kinds of clients with fully utilizing the beneficial policies, and helping them to grow better and faster.

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